Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Cosmic Homies

Remember Camp Mulla? Yea, that music group that had transcendent music and had Kenyans all jittered because of their great style. Not forgetting that gut-wrenching feeling we got when we realized they had split! Such a bummer,right? I’m not mentioning names but some of my friends never got over it! After disbanding, they all went into solo music careers,giving us all something to hang on to! Runkah (Karun) and Taio seemed to stay in touch and are now part of Cosmic Homies. Not just a band but so much more.Talk about art,fashion,music production,a multi-talented bunch they are!
Back, bigger, bolder and better! With the new band up and running, let’s just say, all those heart-crushed fans finally got closure!

Made up of:

A vocalist, instrumentalist, producer from Nairobi, Kenya.



A rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, radio host, MC from Nairobi, Kenya.


A singer, songwriter, dancer, stylist, designer, film maker from LA, California.



A rapper, poet, singer, songwriter, model, actor from Tanzania whose pictures are so darn hard to find.No lie,he's a ghost on social media.But i love a challenge!
More juice? He has been dating  Runkah for a while now, seriously the coolest couple around!

All those titles? Gasp!! Cosmic Homies are here to redefine and revolutionize pop culture.In an interview with okayafrica, Taio admits that at first (in Camp Mulla) they were following a formula but not anymore. Runkah backs that up “people are challenging what’s the norm and what it means to be ‘successful’ and giving themselves the freedom of exploring different styles”. Their music is truly different and unconventional, nothing like you’ve ever heard. In a time when the music industry in Africa has plunged into a very flimsy and commercial sound, getting music that is not just authentic but speaks to the soul is so rare. They define their music as electro-organic. You’re probably like “what?” .listen to their music and you’ll completely understand why that name is best suited. Their music is a mix of so many sounds, jazz, hip-hop, electric, and soul.

They launched their debut mixtape “O.N.E” (Only Now Everlasting) last year. The mixtape features six tracks i.e. time flies bye, worlds apart, kilifornia, vibe tribe, too lit, and heart restart. The mixtape was released through their own record label Cosmic Homies records. My top favorite jams on their mixtape have to be vibe tribe (This one is for the hip-hop heads) and kilifornia,Jam along to “kile to kilifi, kilifi to California oh!”

The group has been on tour(From Kenya to the World) in the USA powered by what’s good live #WGLIVE

Undeniably, they are cool, so cool (did I say they’re cool?).They are clearly no where close to average, they have a fearless sense of style with absolutely no chills whatsoever. Their ‘gram is filled with artsy selfies and inspiration, with in between peeks of their tours.


Exclusive (courtesy of city guide Nairobi)
Who epitomizes Nairobi street style for you?
Well, first the infamous fashionista duo 2MNYSBLNGS-brother and sister Velma who have an international audience.To see more on 2MNYSBLNGS ,click here https://tracekimani.blogspot.co.ke/2016/05/2manysiblings.html .Alexis Nereah to whom fashion is more than just what she wears but also an artwork of her life and soul.

Since their inception, it’s been plain sailing for the group. They represented east Africa in the SXSW Festival. They were also nominated for the Kenya Buzz People’s Choice Award last year under the category Kenyan music group of the year. What to look for? Their weekly podcast in collaboration with NuNairobi family, East African wave that brings to us the diverse talent of Kenyan and African artists and of course more music.

Check out their ‘gram for updates on new music and also to find out what they are up to.

In the meantime,take a look at these ;

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


So this post is entirely fixated on Rihanna. Boy, do I feel this post is long overdue! Rihanna is not just the music genius we know her for but  also the ultimate fashion killer. Earlier this year, she graced her fans with her album ANTI,which is insanely good. Rihanna was going for a timeless album, one her fans would listen to and enjoy even after ages. In my perspective, she definitely accomplished that, It's still stuck on my playlist! The album went platinum and is still doing great on  the charts.

Last week, she released the video to her song "This is what you came for" alongside Calvin Harris. Looking back at how successful "We Found Love" was, there's no doubt this new single is just as awesome or even a tad bit more awesome. About two days ago, she  also released a new single "Sledgehammer" which is featured in the new Star Trek Beyond trailer.
In terms of style, Rihanna is most definitely not a stickler for the rules. When everyone is stuck on the Do's and the Don'ts,Riri is too busy embracing all the different trends in the fashion scene. She is known for her adventurous and undaunted fashion sense. It's pretty much impractical to guess what Rihanna will be seen wearing, she is way too fickle.
Rihanna took the fashion industry a notch higher when she revealed her heart-stirring collection in collaboration with PUMA, The FENTY X PUMA Collection. She and Puma debuted a complete FENTY collection at Fashion Week 2016.The collection is startlingly impressive, very cool and ravishing. So much that an attempt to purchase them online is frustrating because they are constantly sold out but they are worth it bruh!
And just when you thought the African print wasn't all that, Rihanna proves that it's an absolute masterpiece.
For sure, Rihanna is probably the most dazzling person ever;immensely talented,hella confident with a crazy, diverse sense of style which is a perfect match for her crazy personality.She's undeniably one of those celebrities you constantly should have your eye on.So yea, Rihanna Navy All Day, Err Day, You Bet!!








Tuesday, 3 May 2016


We cannot ignore the fact that Kenya has been on the rise when it comes to fashion and art. We have seen Kenyan bloggers such as This Is Ess, Silvia Njoki being featured on some of the greatest platforms both nationally and on international fronts. On that lane, let me introduce you to amazing people who have undoubtedly contributed massively to Kenya being on the map in the art and fashion scope:2manysiblings,run by a duo that is revolutionizing the art and fashion scope, not just in Kenya but worldwide.

2manysiblings is a brand run by brother and sister Papa Petit and Velma Ross .I know you’re probably thinking, “ c’mon ,it’s impossible for that relationship to work in a professional setting!” turns out we are completely wrong about that. The two are Kenyan art and fashion muses who felt the need to showcase their personal style with the world and therefore starting their own blog on tumblr.


Speaking of style, the duo has a very distinct style that sets them apart from all the other fashionistas. Their style is a mix of vintage, African print and urban with a vibrant and sophisticated feel to it. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been witnesses to the catastrophic fashion attempts made by people to go vintage and I say catastrophic because they were an absolute flop! Pulling off the vintage look is not as easy as it looks. So big up to 2manysiblings for going vintage and blowing our minds while they’re at it.

What makes 2manysiblings so special? Well, when everyone is too caught up trying to fit in, Papa Petit and Velma Ross are standing out! Most people are scared to go bold, the thought of what people will think or say weighs too heavily on them and therefore dull their shine. My advice, never dull your shine on anyone’s account. Playing by other people’s rules will never land you on the headlines.2manysiblings has been on amazing platforms ,the duo has been featured on ELLE MAGAZINE SOUTHAFRICA,VOGUE ITALIA,DRUM MAGAZINE,OKAYAFRICA .AFRICAN PRINTS IN FASHION among others. They have also had the grand opportunity to visit some of high-profile art and fashion conventions like Yale Africa Salon, Fashion Cities Africa, African Futures just to name a few.


The duo are also home to one of the most popular events “THRIFT SOCIAL” ,a music and fashion event that brings together all the fashion lovers. The most recent of the thrift social i.e. “THRIFT SOCIAL 5” went down on the 25th of March this year. It is definitely one of those gigs you wouldn’t wanna miss out on so be on the lookout for the next one, do make a point to attend and you better bring your cool.2manysiblings have come so far and now have their own cloth line titled just that consists of a variety of merchandise. The duo is raising the bar quite high and there's just no telling how far they will go. Keep an eye on 2manysiblings and for more deets,do check out their blog,2manysiblings.tumblr.com






Wednesday, 2 March 2016


So let's get to talking about some of those Disney kids we all grew up watching and have now become of age! As we all can guess, growing up in the public eye is pretty demanding and one has no choice but to be on top of their game without slacking off,so you bet they are hot! Take a look at how Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Demi Lovato turned out!


You probably know her from several shows;Barney and Friends ,Wizard of Waverly Place, Monte Carlo just to pin a few .A side from pursuing her film career Selena Gomez has also been working on her music career which is coming along quite great.She released her album "Revival" in October 2015 which featured some of my personal favorite jams "Good for you' featuring ASAP Rocky and "Same Old Love". Hope you've got your hands on the remix featuring Fetty Wap! Not yet? You better get to it cause it's a must have guys!

Selena is also set to appear in several films this year  including Neighbors 2,so her fans have so much to be excited for. ION, everyone is talking about Selena and Justin at the  Grammy's. It's old news that the two are no longer dating but it was pretty cool to see Selena  congratulate Justin on his win! Way to go Selena!

Most people would think celebrities are all about living life on the fast lane, buying flashy things and turnin' up but guess what, they actually have a philanthropic side. A side we rarely get to see.Selena is involved in several charities, she has worked with UNICEF on varying projects and last year she took part in a charity softball game that benefitted Children's Mercy Hospital. Why we love Selena?With all these going on, she manages to always get caught on the camera looking stunning!



  • MILEY CYRUS.                                                                                                                  

A few years back she was Hannah Montana, the innocent pop star we all loved. Now, she is a wild ball of fire! Miley has grown up to be quite the wild child, all big on being wild and free...Her new video for the single BB talk is the talk of every street and boy is it intense. Let's just be a tad bit honest, Miley takes the word crazy to a whole new level! But don't we all just love the drama? I know I do(chuckles).

Nonetheless, When Miley isn't too busy living it up, she is seen doing incredible things! She is running  a charity foundation for the homeless "Happy Hippie Foundation".

Kylie Jenner in a Happy Hippie Hoodie.

Miley is set to join "The Voice" as a key adviser for Season 10 in a season with judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. Christina sounded ecstatic about Miley joining "The Voice" in an interview on the Tonight Show. Miley will also be starring in Woody Allen's show, Looks like this year is starting on  a high for Miley.



                   Ow,lets not forget that she's engaged to Liam Hemsworth!!I just can't get over                                                     how totally adorable they are.

  • Vanessa Hudgens .                                                                     

 Remember Gabriella from High School Musical? Yea,that girl that played the lead role with Zac  Efron and  had charmed her way into people's hearts through her angelic voice .Well, she's now become of age and is more charming than ever! What has she been up to? She has been featured in tones of movies and musical including:Beastly,Gimme Shelter, most recently Freaks of Nature and Grease Live which featured some of the most popular artists such as Jessie J ,Keke Palmer and Carly Rae Jepsen among others.

Well as awesome as that is, it's not the only reason I decided to feature her on this post. Vanessa is one of the top trend setters to have your eye on in the fashion scope. Her outfits are always jaw-dropping and she is known for slaying the Boho-chic style! Like er'body knows she's the queen of Boho.


Last year Vanessa was the face of  Bongo, she carried out a fun spring campaign and rocked Bongo's spring collection which was splendid. Vanessa has supported several charities including Keep A child Alive, Elton John AIDS foundation ,Habitat for Humanity ...isn't it remarkable to see such young ladies give back to the community?



 For the longest time I had dreamed 'bout having Austin Butler for a boyfriend...lol...but Vanessa Hudgens beat me to it and we all know I can't compete with that!!No joke though, I love 'em!cutest couple alive!

Ashley Tisdale 

Ashley tisdale is currently an actress, singer and producer. She was cast in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and more popularly she played "Sharpay" in the television series High School Musical. Sorry to say, I didn't like her back then,why?She was the villain and I ain't never been the type to like the villain. What can I say, I'm nice! And yea,maybe I took it a bit too personally back then, haha but I adore her now. Ashley has ventured into so many fields, which is fabulous. She formed her own production company and is the Executive Producer! Have you watched the series YOUNG &HUNGRY! I am a sucker for that series but back to the point, Ashley produced the show.

She also started her own cosmetics line titled "Illuminate" and is a Make-up artist. Like that just isn't enough,she was named the 45th Most Influential Woman on twitter by Huffington Post last year. She also won the Billboard award for Social Media Superstar. Ashley has also starred in the Series "Clipped", a hilarious series based on the lives of a group of people working in a barbershop!


Ashley is also a charitable soul. She has taken part in several charities among which she was the face of "Project Pink", a campaign  launched to raise funds towards the research of Breast Cancer Treatments. Ashley Tisdale was named the creative director of Signorelli. She will be in charge of the creation of their Spring 2017 Sportswear line.


  •  Demi Lovato

You knew her way back as "Mitchie" in Camp rock and "Sonny" in "Sonny with a Chance". Now, you simply know her as Demi Lovato. A lot has changed  about her since then. Well, for starters, Demi Lovato is no longer pursuing her Acting career. Reason being to focus on her music career. This decision came after she underwent a couple of personal issues but as her fan, I couldn't be more glad she put a lot more effort on her music.

Last year she released her 5th album "Confident' that brought us hits like "Cool for The Summer" which is totally my jam. If you have checked out her recent videos, I bet you've noticed how elegant she's been looking lately, I mean she's on fire!


Demi Lovato doubles up as a lot of things.First,she is a mentor for teens and young adults with mental health challenges. She's also an advocate for the LGBT community and most importantly,has her own program "The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program",created in honor of her late father.She is a tremendous lady!


What's new with Demi?Word on the streets is she was not very pleased with Taylor Swift's donation to Ke$ha and she could not keep that to herself.Why?"I am just tired of seeing women use 'Women Empowerment and Feminism' to further their brands, "said Demi lovato on twitter. Social Media is lit over this issue, who's right and who's not? Well, I'll just leave that gruesome decision to you.  








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